Are you trying to raise additional funds for your group?


You are a member of a foundation, association, team, club or any other types of group; we will show you how it is easy to get more funds with a silent auction!
It is completely free and we offer you a turn-key solution, taking care of your items and incorporating them to our items in the silent auction. We take care of the payments by cash, checks or credit cards at the end of the event! It is worthwhile and there is no commitment, investment, involvement or risk on your end!
You may think of organizing a gala, a party, a supper, a 5 to 7, a golf tournament, a poker night or any other events. Don’t worry, the day of the event, we will show off all the items that you have chosen with your personalized bid sheets with your logo on it. There will be a complete description of the item as well as a starting bid.  Our team will monitor the auction all night until the closing to answer any questions from your guests. All profits on the sold items over the starting bid goes to you at 100% or we can lower the starting bid and split the profits (70%-30%). It is up to you to decide of the formula depending of your guests! Furthermore, if there is no bid on a specific item at the end of the event, we will take it back, with no cost to you. It is simple as that!
We can also set up a sealed bid auction if this type of auction better suited to your needs or set up frames in your office, restaurant, arena, store or any public places to make a nice décor with items in consignment. There is NO obligation from your part. No matter the way you choose to raise additional fund for your group, the Centre du Collectionneur Sportif  is there to help you and will do everything we can to give you the best possible results!
Our goal is to understand what you are looking for in order to help you in any way we can to create a unique memorable event that your guests will appreciate and remember!


Give us a call or e-mail with your interest and additional information such as: Location, Number of people, Date, Ticket $ and describe your clientele so we can choose the right inventory to bring.


The day of the event simply have the required amount of tables set up before our arrival.


We will take care of presentation and customer’s questions. Simply announce the silent auction multiple times throughout the night to let people know about it.


When we close we will take all payments and will send you a check within 7 business days to your foundation.